New Shows for 2014

These shows will be rolling out or renewing in the first part of 2014.


net show date description
NBC Community Season 5 1/2/2014 Greendale Community College’s favorite study group is back for another semester, and will have to find their own way now that Jeff has graduated and is a lawyer again.
PBS Downton Abbey Season 4 1/5/2014 This upstairs/downstairs British drama begins it’s fourth season as Mary and the Crawley family deal with the death of her husband, Matthew.
FOX Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 1 Resumes 1/7/2014 A single camera cop comedy starring Andy Samberg, an immature detective attempting to co-exist with his uptight boss played by Andre Braugher.
CBS Intelligence (new) 1/7/2014 A supercomputer microchip is implanted into elite government cyber security agent Josh Holloway’s brain so he can interact on the global information grid. Hacking in to get top secret intel will help him protect the U.S. from her enemies. But it can also get him into a lot of trouble.
TBS Cougar Town Season 5 1/7/2014 More from the cul-de-sac this January, as Courteney Cox and the crew bring us 13 new episodes in Season 5.
FX Justified 1/7/2014 Justified finds Raylan in Florida tangling with the dangerous Crowe Family and Boyd in Detroit dealing with what’s left of the Mob in that city in pursuit of Paxton and Mooney, who had his bride-to-be arrested.
ABC Killer Women 1/7/2014 Does “from Executive Producer Sofia Vergara” do anything for you? ABC has been using the “Modern Family” star’s involvement to sell this drama, which looks at the Texas Rangers lawmen from a woman’s point of view.
NBC Chicago PD (new) 1/8/2014 In a spin-off from the same producer that brought us Chicago Fire, this cop drama is made up of two completely different groups: the uniformed policeman that patrol the streets and the Intelligence Unit that looks into human trafficking and high-profile murderers.
ABC The Assets 1/9/2014 Whittaker (“Broadchurch”) portrays real-life CIA agent Sandy Grimes in this ’80s-set, eight-part limited series about the hunt for U.S. traitor Aldrich Ames (Rhys).
FOX Enlisted (new) 1/10/2014 A single camera comedy where three polar opposite brothers all end up at the same military base after joining the army.
Cin Banshee Season 2 1/10/2014 Banshee returns for its second season. From the makers of True Blood, this drama features Antony Starr as Lucas Hood, an ex-con that is hiding in plain sight after assuming the identity of a murdered small town sheriff. But things are going to get interesting as the real Lucas Hood’s son prepares to come to town for a visit.
SFY Helix (new) 1/10/2014 Ron Moore’s new sci-fi show about agents of the Centers for Disease Control investigating an outbreak of a new disease in the arctic, but end up fighting to save mankind. Star Trek: Voyager’s Jeri Ryan has signed on to join the cast.
HBO Girls Season 3 1/12/2014 Back for its third season, Hannah, Marnie, Jessa and Shoshanna continue to deal with what life throws at a 20-something female living in the Big Apple.
Show House of Lies Season 3 1/12/2014 Don Cheadle and Kristen Bell return to resume their on/off romance while working now at different firms sometimes with – sometimes against – one another.
FOX The Following Season 2 1/12/2014 We know that Emma (Valorie Curry) is back, likely to take over where cult-leader serial killer Joe Carroll left off. Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) is in more big trouble now.
Show Episodes Season 3 1/12/2014 Matt LeBlanc as….Matt LeBlanc, in a show about a show that is based on a hit British sitcom (in the show), but being produced in the US by folks who think it needs a lot of Americanizing.
SFY Lost Girl Season 4 1/13/2014 Not just your average show about a young succubus discovering her innate supernatural proclivities. Already on the air in Canada, the US now will have access to Season 4.
SFY Being Human Season 3 1/13/2014 Vampires, Ghosts & Werewolves, oh my! They’re all back for season four, but if you can’t wait, Syfy has all the episodes of the previous three season streaming live on their website for you to binge on.
ABC The Fosters Season 1 1/13/2014 In the second half of season 1, Stef, Lena and the kids deal with the aftermath of Callie running away and what that means for their family.
FX Archer Season 5 1/13/2014 Sterling Archer and the other agents of the International Secret Intelligence Service (ISIS) are back for another round of missions, espionage, counter-intellegence, drunken debauchery and general shenanigans.
FX Chozen (new) 1/13/2014 Chozen is a gay, white rapper that’s just gotten out of prison and is trying to fulfill his destiny to become the greatest rap artist of all time in this new animated comedy from the creators of Eastbound & Down and Archer.
FOX Baby Daddy Season 2 1/15/2014 After a baby is left on his doorstep by an ex, Ben decides to raise her with the help of his mom, brother, and two best friends. This saga continues into its third season in January.
TNT Cold Justice Season 2 1/17/2014 Season 2 has Kelly and Yolanda traveling around the US helping investigators try to solve more cold cases in their home territories. Dick Wolf produces this reality drama.
FOX Rake 1/19/2014 Think “House,” but in court. Kinnear plays an irascible, bad boy, recovering-addict lawyer who has to temper his self-destructive behavior in his quest to help the helpless.
HBO Looking (new) 1/19/2014 Three friends bond, live and love in contemporary San Francisco. Looking is a new, gay-themed miniseries from HBO. Special guest stars include Russell Tovey and Scott Bakula.
Stz Black Sails (new) 1/25/2014 This new series by Michael Bay is a prequel to Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island; following the adventures of a young John Silver as he enters the world of piracy as the newest member of the crew for the fearsome Captain Flint.
FXX Legit Season 2 2/1/2014 Jim Jefferies, as his own comic self, tries to live a normal and successful life.
Netflix House of Cards Season 2 2/14/2014 Now that Frank Underwood has manuvered his way into the Vice Presidency, he faces a whole new level of threats to his position and must stop at nothing to continue his plans for ascension.
CW Star-Crossed 2/17/2014 Juliet meets Romeo, but he’s an alien. After years in an internment camp, select adolescent members of the Atrian race are allowed to integrate into American society. This show has everything to pull the strings of your standard CW fan — aliens, romance, action, danger and high school. In other words (except for the aliens), “high school.”
TNT Dallas Season 2 2/24/2014 A reboot of the 1978 classic series, season 3 begins in the wake of J.R.’s death as the Ewings come together to find who killed this infamous patriarch.
NBC Tonight Show 2/24/2014 Jimmy Fallon keeps moving on and up from his SNL roots. Wonder if the Roots band will follow along?
FOX Glee Season 5 Resumes – FOX – Tuesdays 8pm – Premieres 2/25 2/25/2014 Returning for its 100th episode of the series, we continue to follow the New Directions in Lima, Ohio, while some old favs are making their dreams come true in NYC.
ABC Mixology 2/26/2014 The writers of “The Hangover” head to the small screen for this ensemble comedy about pretty young people who hang out at a trendy bar in Manhattan.
FX Americans 2/26/2014 Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys return for the second season of the 1980’s hit spy cold war drama. We look forward to a new handler for Elizabeth and Philip as we wonder if their marriage will completely disintegrate. And what happens if the kids find out?
Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 Resumes – ABC – Thursdays 9pm – Premieres 2/27 2/27/2014 With Meredith and Cristina fighting, and April’s wedding cliffhanger, we are already trying to guess what will happen next, and how Cristina will be written off this long running show, as Grey’s tenth season resumes.
NBC Hannibal Season 2 – NBC – Fridays 10pm – Premieres 2/28 2/28/2014 Mads Mikkelsen brings his creepy serial killer psychiatrist Hannibal character back to life for a second season in which more intrigue and scares are promised.
ABC Resurrection 3/9/2014 This supernatural drama from the writer of “The Killing” (that should make you anxious in a good or bad way) explores a small Missouri town where long-dead citizens begin popping up.
ABC Mind Games 3/11/2014 Do you miss Slater’s slick con-man character from “Breaking In” and Zahn’s quirky character from everything he’s ever done? They’re back in this new series from former Austinite Kyle Killen that centers on a firm that uses psychological tricks to influence people.
CW The 100 3/19/2014 “Star-Crossed” doesn’t float your boat — er, starship? Then check out this post-apocalyptic show, in which 100 born-in-space survivors of Armageddon-ravaged Earth are sent to the dystopian planet to see, nearly a century later, if it’s become inhabitable again.
CBS Friends With Better Lives 3/31/2014 If you’re not sure what you’re going to do with yourself after “How I Met Your Mother” concludes its series run on March 31, just leave the TV on and don’t change the channel. This comedy about six friends at different stages in their lives – married, divorced, newly engaged and single — is surely meant to fill that void.