chromecast changes the game

Chromecast changes everything.  It will revolutionize the tv watching experience.

The Chromecast is designed first to be a streaming device. It’s supposed to be the easiest way to get YouTube and Google Play and Netflix and Pandora and photos on HDTVs. Think Apple TV, but rather Google TV in a new incarnation.


The Chromecast uses an AirPlay-type system to provide content to the device From Android or iOS, users simply hit a button on YouTube to load the video on the other screen. Quick and easy.

Chromecast is multiplatform on ios, android and I assume the chrome browser. It also features group playlists, continues playing the media back while the phone is doing other things and even streams while the device is asleep.

Any device can be the controller. Start a video on one device, turn it off, and another device can still control the video started. It appears to be seamless.

Desktops connected to the same network can also act as a controller. Click the cast button, the video will play and the computer will continue to play the media as it does other tasks.

The device itself is a small HDMI usb dongle. It’s powered by USB and Google TV

The Chromecast is $35 and is available today in the U.S.