Ricky Gervais takes on Mel Gibson at the Globes

Gervais said that he had made jokes about Mel in the past, and was now in the awkward position of introducing him. “I blame NBC for this terrible situation,” he said, adding, “Mel blames… well, we know who Mel blames,” a reference to Gibson’s anti-Semitic behavior in 2006.

Ricky then joked that he would at least rather drink with Mel than with Bill Cosby. Ricky then grabbed his beer off the podium and walked backstage.  Gibson, a recovering alcoholic, wasn’t amused, saying, “I love seeing Ricky every three years because it reminds me to get a colonoscopy.” He added, “You don’t need to take your drink here, I’ll put you to sleep another way.”

Ricky then popped back out and put his arm around Mel and asked him a question that was bleeped out. He apparently asked Mel, “What the f**k does ‘sugar t**s’ even mean buy generic cialis online?” — a second reference to Gibson’s infamous 2006 arrest, during which he referred to a female police officer by that offensive name.