Jason Dameron says

I finished lost in space today and I’m about to finish cobra kyi, I liked both series, both nostalgic, but I gotta say I liked lost in space more. I have a theory that people liked cobra more because it’s shorter, and some people can’t handle sci-fi.

I hear there are new episodes of humans but my dvr didn’t pick it up. Wonder if it’s a UK vs USA thing? Or they changed the channel number?

Any who, what other shows should I watch? I just finished season 2 of 13 reasons why, I still like it. I know someone will mention GOT and someone told me brickleberry. Is OA out yet? What about that President show that used to have Kevin Spacey? I remember there being a few other Netflix shows I watched last year. Or that new marvel show on freeform cloak and dagger I think it’s called. And when does the marvel teenagers show on Hulu come back on?