Annie Award nominations on 2.22.22

The Annie’s are going virtual this year! The 49th Annual Annie Awards™ has been moved to a virtual format instead of a live ceremony originally set for Saturday, February 26. Reasons for the change are due primarily to the growing concern over the rapid spread of the Omicron variant.

The Annies will stream live on Saturday, March 12, 2022 at 9 p.m. (Central time) . The link for the livestream will be free and available to everyone who wants to view the ceremony and a complete recording of the livestream will be available on the Annie Award website the following day –

1. Best FeatureEncantoWalt Disney Animation Studios
2. Best Indie FeatureBelleStudio Chizu / Distributed by GKIDS
3. Best Special ProductionLa Vie de Château (My Life In Versailles)Films Grand Huit in association with Miyu Productions
4. Best Short SubjectBestiaTrebol 3 Producciones, MALEZA Estudio
5. Best SponsoredA Future BeginsNexus Studios
6. Best TV/Media – PreschoolAda Twist, ScientistEpisode: Twelve Angry Birds
7. Best TV/Media – ChildrenAmphibiaEpisode: True Colors
8. Best TV/Media – General AudienceArcaneEpisode: When These Walls Come Tumbling Down
9. Best Student FilmA Film About A PuddingStudent Director: Roel Van Beek
10. Best FX – TV/MediaArcaneEpisode: Oil and Water
11. Best FX – FeatureBelleProduction Company: Studio Chizu / Distributed by GKIDS
12. Best Character Animation – TV/MediaArcaneEpisode: The Monster You Created
13. Best Character Animation – FeatureEncantoWalt Disney Animation Studios
14. Best Character Animation – Live ActionFlora & UlyssesProduction Company: Disney
15. Best Character Animation – Video GameIt Takes TwoHazelight Studios
16. Best Character Design – TV/MediaArcaneEpisode: Some Mysteries Better Left Unsolved
17. Best Character Design – FeatureLucaPixar Animation Studios
18. Best Direction – TV/MediaAmphibiaEpisode: True Colors
19. Best Direction – FeatureBelleStudio Chizu / Distributed by GKIDS
20. Best Music – TV/MediaBlushEpisode: Broadcast Short Film
21. Best Music – FeatureEncantoWalt Disney Animation Studios
22. Best Production Design – TV/MediaArcaneEpisode: Happy Progress Day!
23. Best Production Design – FeatureBelleStudio Chizu / Distributed by GKIDS
24. Best Storyboarding – TV/MediaArcaneEpisode: When These Walls Come Tumbling Down
25. Best Storyboarding – FeatureEncantoWalt Disney Animation Studios
26. Best Voice Acting – TV/MediaArcaneEpisode: When These Walls Come Tumbling Down
27. Best Voice Acting – FeatureEncantoWalt Disney Animation Studios
28. Best Writing – TV/MediaArcaneEpisode: The Monster You Created
29. Best Writing – FeatureBelleStudio Chizu
30. Best Editorial – TV/MediaAmphibiaEpisode: True Colors
31. Best Editorial – FeatureEncantoWalt Disney Animation Studios