Who Killed Santa and a Storm for Christmas

Austin, TX 12/20/22 – Are you looking for the perfect double dose of comedy and warmth on Netflix? Look no further than to watch these two shows back to back. Start out with the improv comedy with Jason Bateman and Maya Rudolph called “Who Killed Santa” and follow it up with the first episode of the filmed in Oslo Norway “A Storm for Christmas”. And plan on 5 more episodes that you just might have to binge.

Who Killed Santa

A holiday-hating detective is forced to solve a murder — and save Christmas — with help from famous trainees who must improv their way through the case. Watch all you want. Will Arnett leads an all-star cast including Maya Rudolph, Jason Bateman and more for this Christmastime crime comedy.

A Storm for Christmas

Destinies collide when extreme weather traps travelers and workers at the Olso, Norway airport, forcing them to spend the final hours leading up to Christmas together. I must confess, I love all things Norwegian, so I may be slightly biased in my love for this 8 episode series.

Thea Sofie Loch Næss plays Sara in a Storm for Christmas

Starring: Ida Elise Broch, Dennis Storhøi, Jan Gunnar Røise